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The Triune God: Basic Trends in the Christian Doctrine of God (TH-608)

For many non-Christians, and sometimes Christians as well, one of the most puzzling and controversial teachings in Christian faith is the claim that God is triune in nature: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. This course aims to explore the biblical, historical, and philosophical contexts that drove Christians to develop an understanding of God as Trinity. It first unpacks the biblical roots of the church’s encounter and experience of God as creating Father, redeeming Son, and sanctifying Spirit. It then traces the historical development of this churchly spiritual experience into an intellectual trinitarian theology by investigating some major Christian discourses and trends considered to be milestones on the long historical track of the doctrine of the Trinity in Christianity. The course will also try to look at the relation between the doctrine of the Trinity and some contemporary issues pertinent to today’s world. This will be pursued by discussing carefully and arguing critically some primary theological texts on the Trinity and reflecting on their implications for today. (Replaces TH-654)

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Najib George Awad


Fall 2018

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