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Women in the Christian Tradition (HI-612)

The nineteenth and twentieth centuries witnessed a resurgence of interest in women and their history. Out of a growing body of research on women in the Christian Tradition, this course closely examines nine key figures/movements from various historical periods from the first to the nineteenth centuries.  We will read primary texts written by women, and a range of secondary studies as well as view art and film. Classes will include presentations by the instructor and students, discussions, short exercises, and reflection.  Since Christianity has been shaped overwhelmingly from the perspective of male experience, it is imperative that we become familiar with the neglected voices of women. Their inclusion will lead to a fuller understating of the Christian faith; a broader theology; a more just, inclusive church; and a more central role in all aspects of ecclesial life. Special attention is given to the historical, social, theological, ecclesial context of these figures.

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Elizabeth Dreyer


Spring 2020

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