Women in the Qur’an (SC-556)

In this course we examine the Qur’anic story of the creation of male and female and the significance of female figures in the Qur’an as social and spiritual models. We then explore the important role of early women scholars of hadith in the establishment of the Islamic tradition. Finally, we consider the almost unknown significance of women and their spirituality in the Sufi tradition as presented in the bilingual translation of Al-Sulami’s Dhikr an-niswa al-muta ‘abbidāt as sufiyyat (Early Sufi Women) and in contemporary sources. This course provides foundational scriptural, historical, and sociological knowledge of diverse perspectives on women in Islam. Additionally, we explore the contemporary leadership role of Muslim women in spiritual care and spiritual development as well as in scholarship.

Course fulfills the following curricular requirements:
MAIRS – Islamic Studies: Beliefs and Practices

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Colleen Keyes


Fall 2021

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