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Worship Renewal in a Changing World (WS-632)

In congregational worship, our joys, sorrows, and hopes as a community – as the Church – are given their true and proper place, which is at the feet of Christ. We do not come to congregational worship merely to “feel good” or anesthetize ourselves against the stormy billows of life, but to enter more deeply and honestly into the mystery of God-with-us.

Yet, worship is always situated in different times, places and cultural contexts. This class explores how the content, form, and styles of worship are enlivened through intentional and theologically-grounded worship design. We will explore a variety of perspectives on issues such as music, the use of visual arts, the use of technology in worship, the church year, worship and evangelism, sacraments and ordinances, worship and conflict, worship and social justice, and liturgical spirituality.

Worship renewal is not about just “performing it better” but about walking with our congregations into transformative encounters with God and with one another. We’ll learn from the past and from each other as we all work towards this goal.

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Fall 2015

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