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Fall 2019

Prelim syllabi are available by clicking on the course title. Additional syllabi will be added as they are received.

Weekly Course Schedule

Online Courses All-Day Courses

Classes run for 14 weeks unless indicated otherwise. Fall weekly semester courses start Tuesday, September 3, 2019.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday

HI-624: Islamic History I (Michot)

Course meets 2x a day

1:00-3:45 2:00-3:30
LG-661: Readings in New Testament Greek I (Duffy)(80 Sherman)

PHD-800: Research Methodology and Scholarly Development I (Grafton)

(60 Lorraine, Seminar Room)

4:00-6:45 4:00-6:45 4:00-6:45 4:00-6:45

AM-575: The Art of Preaching (Watts)


TH-505: Introduction to Christian Theology (Awad)



LG-561: Introduction to New Testament Greek (Duffy)
(80 Sherman)

RS-523: None’s Religion (Thumma)

SC-613: Gender, Power and Women (Grant)

[Zoom Enabled]


DI-530: Dialogue in a World of Difference (Lohr)

SC-516: The Gospel of John (Duffy)



HI-628: Muslims in American Religious History (Yuskaev)

[Zoom Enabled]

TH-606: Looking at Jesus in the Context of the Modern World (Awad)

5:00-8:50 5:00-6:45

WS-641: Spirituality in a Quantum Universe (Winter)

(76 Sherman)

HI-624: Islamic History I (Michot)

Course meets 2x a day

7:00-9:45 7:00-9:45 7:00-9:45 7:00-9:45

RS-659: Contemporary Religion and Public Life (Yuskaev)


SC-531: New Testament Survey (TBA) SC-580: Foundations of Qur’anic Studies (TBA) DI-511: Introduction to Judaism (Grant)

Online Courses

AM-649: Psychology of Trauma (Keshavarzi)
DI-501: Introduction to Islam for Non-Muslims (Mumejian)
ET-521: Islamic Business Ethics (Moghul)
HI-653: Luther, the Jews and the Turks: The Reformation in Interreligious Contexts (Grafton)
RS-536: Religion as a Social Phenomenon (Norton)
SC-533: Introduction to Shi’i Islam (TBA)
SC-636: Images of Jesus in Christian and Muslim Sacred Writings (Mosher)

All-Day Courses

Course Dates Time
AM-628: The Vital Vintage Church (Piazza) 9/17; 10/8, 10/29; 11/19; 12/10 9:00-4:00
DM-710: D.Min. Colleague Seminar I (Thumma) (205, 77 Sherman) 9/16; 10/7, 10/28; 11/18; 12/9 9:00-4:00
DM-720: D.Min. Colleague Seminar III (Schaper) (206, 77 Sherman) 9/16; 10/7, 10/28; 11/18; 12/9 9:00-4:00
GC-100: Peace Capacities Colloquium (76 Sherman) Varied dates & times (Fall & Spring)
WS-551: Women’s Leadership Institute I Prerequisite: Women’s Leadership Institute Application (Winter) (60 Lorraine. Conference Room) 9/20-21; 10/18-19; 11/15-16; 12/13-14 F:6:00-9:00 S:9:00-4:00


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