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Online Registration: Special Students and Auditors

Please Note: This form is only intended for Special Students and Auditors (matriculated students should register through Populi).

In recognition of the economic uncertainty that the COVID-19 pandemic has introduced into our students’ lives, Hartford Seminary will offer 50% off COVID- relief tuition scholarships for Fall 2020 to all eligible students.

Special students may apply for this special one-time scholarship for graduate level courses by:

Special Student Tuition $2,349 per course
Anticipated COVID- relief tuition scholarship $1,174 per course

Please contact with any questions.

In addition, all auditors will pay $288 for Fall 2020 – a 50% discount on the general audit fee. Audit registrations are conditional on the total number of seats available in each class.

Payment Options:

Important: Registration forms will not be processed until payment has been received, or a payment plan has been established.

Students may pay in full via cash, check, or money order by sending payment to:

Hartford Seminary
Business Office
77 Sherman Street
Hartford CT 06105

Online Course Registration

  • Student Information

  • Please enter in the following format (# # #) # # # - # # # #
  • Course Selection

    Please enter the information of the course(s) for which you would like to register. You may enter a maximum of three courses.

    Current Course Offerings

  • Course NumberCourse TitleCredit/Audit 
  • Enrollment Options

  • If you are taking the course as a Special Auditor, please indicate the appropriate category below.
  • Note: Students seeking credit must have a bachelor’s degree, and must request that their undergraduate transcript(s) be sent to the Registrar at Hartford Seminary.
  • Demographic Information

    The following information is requested for statistical reporting purposes and is completely optional.
  • Please be specific i.e., United Church of Christ, African Methodist, Sunni Muslim, Reform Jewish, etc.)

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