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Projected Course Offerings

The following is a list of planned course offerings and while we make every effort to hold to this plan, it should be considered a draft. Courses are offered at the Hartford campus unless otherwise noted.

 Fall 2019

Course Format
AM-575: The Art of Preaching Weekly
AM-628; The Vital Vintage Church – How Traditional Congregations Thrive! Intensive
AM-649: Psychology of Trauma Online
DI-530: Dialogue in a World of Difference Weekly
DM-710: Colleague Seminar I Intensive
DM-720: D.Min. Colleague Seminar III Intensive
ET-521: Islamic Business Ethics: Principles and Contemporary Applications Online
ET-545: Theological Ethics and the Personal Life Weekly
GC-560: Reflection on Ministry Experience Herndon
HI-624: Islamic History I Weekly
HI-627: Muslims in North America and Europe: Discourses and Practices Weekly
HI-628: Muslims in American Religious History: Comparative Perspectives on Race, Gender, and Politics Online
LG-561: Introduction to New Testament Greek I Weekly
LG-650: Intermediate Arabic I Weekly
LG-661: Readings in New Testament Greek I Weekly
LG-710: Classical Arabic I  Weekly
LG-720: Quranic Analysis I Weekly
RS-536: Religion as a Social Phenomenon: The Sociological Study of Religion Online
SC-522: Hebrew Bible Survey Weekly
SC-531: New Testament Survey Weekly
SC-533: Introduction to Shi’i Islam Weekly
SC-553: “She Did That!”: Women’s Agency in New Testament Texts Online
SC-580: The Foundations of Qur’anic Studies:The History, Form, and Content of Islam’s Holy Book Weekly
SC-636: Images of Jesus in Christian and Muslim Sacred Writings Online
SC-660: Psychological Insight into Scripture: New Directions in Biblical Studies Weekly
TH-505: Introduction to Christian Theology: The Basic Components of Christian Faith and Life Weekly
TH-606: Looking at Jesus Christ in the Context of The Modern World Weekly
WS-551: Women’s Leadership Institute I Intensive
WS-641: Spirituality in a Quantum Universe Weekly

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