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Spring 2019

January Intersession

Course Date Time
AM-609: Adaptive Leadership: Cultivating Personal and Organizational (Peers) Jan. 14-18 9:00 – 5:30
AM-659: Prison Ministry: Healing from the Inside Out (Ansari) Jan. 7-11 9:00 – 5:30
HI-539: Children of Abraham: Explorations in Jewish-Christian-Muslim Relations (Grafton) Jan. 7-11 9:00 – 5:30

Weekly Course Schedule

Online Courses All-Day Courses

Classes run for 14 weeks unless indicated otherwise. Spring weekly semester courses start Tuesday, January 22, 2019.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
SC-518: There’s Something About Mary (Smith)
 1:45-3:15 12:15-3:15 1:45-3:15
LG-581: Introduction to Arabic Morphology and Syntax (Blackburn) 2x a week

LG-562: Introduction to New Testament Greek II (Duffy) (80 Sherman)

LG-581: Introduction to Arabic Morphology and Syntax (Blackburn) 2x a week

3:15-6:15 2:00-3:30
LG-662: Readings in New Testament Greek II (Duffy) (80 Sherman)

PHD-801: Research Methodology and Scholar Development (Awad)

(Seminar Room, 60 Lorraine)

4:00-6:45 4:00-6:45 4:00-6:45 4:00-6:45
AM-638: Essential Skills in Pastoral Counseling and Ministry (Watts)

 SC-618: Revealing Revelation (Smith)

SC-539: Hadith Methodology: History and Transmission of the Prophetic Sunna (Laher)

LG-721: Quranic Analysis II (Laher)

RS-631: Race, Religion & Politics (Yuskaev)

 SC-634: Major Themes of the Bible and the Qur’an (Blackburn)

WS-511: Longing for God? Christian Spirituality in Theological Perspective (Awad)

7:00-9:45 7:00-9:45 7:00-9:45 7:00-9:45

 RS-608: Non-Profit Reality (Dollhopf)

SC-556: Women in the Qur’an (Ibrahim)

 RS-668: Contemporary  Trends Shaping a Changing Religious Landscape (Thumma)  SC-524: Images of God in the Hebrew Bible (Grant)

Online Courses

DI-540: Dialogue in the 21st Century (Mosher)
ET-631: Environmental Ethics (Schade)
HI-523: The History of Christianity: Defining Moments of a Faith (Clark)
RS-672: Tackling the Issue: Retaining Young People in Faith Communities (Lummis)
 RS-616: Becoming Americans: Immigration and Religion in an Era of Resurgent Nationalism (Norton)
SC-515: Textual History of the Qur’an (Kara)
 SC-522: Hebrew Bible Survey (Grant)
WS-619: Leading with Spirit: Transforming Leadership for Social Change (Fowler)
WS-639: Islamic Spirituality (Aslan)

All-Day Courses

Course Dates Time
DM-711: D.Min. Colleague Seminar II (Thumma) (205, 77 Sherman)  1/28; 2/25; 3/18; 4/8 & 29 9:00-4:00
DM-721: D.Min. Colleague Seminar IV (Schaper) (206, 77 Sherman)   1/28; 2/25; 3/18; 4/8 & 29 9:00-4:00
RS-638: LGBTQ History & Theory and What a Movement Can Teach Congregations (Piazza)   1/29; 2/26; 3/19; 4/8 & 30 9:00-4:00
WS-552: Women’s Leadership Institute I Prerequisite: WS-551: Women’s Leadership I (Winter) (Conf., 60 Lorraine) 1/18-19; 2/15-16; 3/15-16; 4/5-6; 5/10-11 F:6:00-9:00 S:9:00-4:00


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