Hartford Seminary

Spring 2019

January Intersession

Course Date Time
AM-609: Adaptive Leadership: Cultivating Personal and Organizational (Peers) Jan. 14-18 9:00 – 5:30
AM-659: Prison Ministry: Healing from the Inside Out (Ansari) Jan. 7-11 9:00 – 5:30
HI-539: Children of Abraham: Explorations in Jewish-Christian-Muslim Relations (Grafton) Jan. 7-11 9:00 – 5:30

Weekly Course Schedule

Online Courses All-Day Courses

Classes run for 14 weeks unless indicated otherwise. Spring weekly semester courses start Tuesday, January 22, 2019.

Courses designated as “Zoom Enabled” allow up to four students to attend via Zoom.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
 1:45-3:15 12:15-3:15 1:45-3:15
LG-581: Introduction to Arabic Morphology and Syntax (Blackburn) 2x a week

LG-562: Introduction to New Testament Greek II (Duffy) (80 Sherman)

LG-581: Introduction to Arabic Morphology and Syntax (Blackburn) 2x a week

3:15-6:15 2:00-3:30
LG-662: Readings in New Testament Greek II (Duffy) (80 Sherman)

PHD-801: Research Methodology and Scholar Development (Awad)

(Seminar Room, 60 Lorraine)

4:00-6:45 4:00-6:45 4:00-6:45 4:00-6:45
AM-638: Essential Skills in Pastoral Counseling and Ministry (Watts)

 SC-618: Revealing Revelation (Smith)

SC-539: Hadith Methodology: History and Transmission of the Prophetic Sunna (Laher)

LG-721: Quranic Analysis II (Laher)

RS-631: Race, Religion & Politics (Yuskaev)

Zoom Enabled

 SC-634: Major Themes of the Bible and the Qur’an (Blackburn)

WS-511: Longing for God? Christian Spirituality in Theological Perspective (Awad)

7:00-9:45 7:00-9:45 7:00-9:45 7:00-9:45

 RS-608: Non-Profit Reality (Dollhopf)

SC-556: Women in the Qur’an (Ibrahim)

Zoom Enabled – Instructor will primarily attend via Zoom.

 RS-668: Contemporary  Trends Shaping a Changing Religious Landscape (Thumma)

Zoom Enabled

 SC-524: Images of God in the Hebrew Bible (Grant)

Online Courses

DI-540: Dialogue in the 21st Century (Mosher)
ET-631: Environmental Ethics (Schade)
HI-523: The History of Christianity: Defining Moments of a Faith (Clark)
RS-672: Tackling the Issue: Retaining Young People in Faith Communities (Lummis)
 RS-616: Becoming Americans: Immigration and Religion in an Era of Resurgent Nationalism (Norton)
SC-515: Textual History of the Qur’an (Kara)
SC-518: There’s Something About Mary (Smith)
 SC-522: Hebrew Bible Survey (Grant)
WS-639: Islamic Spirituality (Aslan)

All-Day Courses

Course Dates Time
DM-711: D.Min. Colleague Seminar II (Piazza) (205, 77 Sherman)  1/28; 2/25; 3/18; 4/8 & 29 9:00-4:00
DM-721: D.Min. Colleague Seminar IV (Thumma) (206, 77 Sherman)   1/28; 2/25; 3/18; 4/8 & 29 9:00-4:00
RS-638: LGBTQ History & Theory and What a Movement Can Teach Congregations (Piazza)   1/29; 2/26; 3/19; 4/8 & 30 9:00-4:00
WS-552: Women’s Leadership Institute I Prerequisite: WS-551: Women’s Leadership I (Winter) (Conf., 60 Lorraine) 1/18-19; 2/15-16; 3/15-16; 4/5-6; 5/10-11 F:6:00-9:00 S:9:00-4:00


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