Spring 2020 | Hartford Seminary

Spring 2020

Please note, pending new faculty appointments, more courses are expected to be added to the spring course offerings.

January Intersession

Course Date Time
AM-639: Preparing Islamic Legal Documents (Eid) January 7-10 9:00 – 5:30
AM-602: Chaplaincy Models and Methods (Mehr Muska) Jan. 13-17 9:00 – 5:30

Weekly Course Schedule

Online Courses All-Day Courses

Classes run for 14 weeks unless indicated otherwise. Spring weekly semester courses start Tuesday, January 21, 2019. 

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday

LG-662: Readings in New Testament Greek II (Duffy) (80 Sherman)

PHD-801: Research Methodology and Scholar Development (Awad)

(Seminar Room, 60 Lorraine)

4:00-6:45 4:00-6:45 4:00-6:45 4:00-6:45
WS-627: The Essential Writings of Howard Thurman (Watts)

ET-640: Introduction to Islamic Law (TBA)

LG-562: Introduction to New Testament Greek II (Duffy) (80 Sherman)

SC-520: Hebrew Bible Survey (Grant)

7:00-9:45 7:00-9:45 7:00-9:45 7:00-9:45
SC-617: The Pauline Letters (Smith) TH-637: The Salvation of Non-Christians (Awad) HI-534: A History of New Testament Canon – The Literature of the Early Christians (Rollins)

Online Courses

AM-524: University Chaplaincy (Zeb)
DI-610: Faith in the Neighborhood: World Religions (Mosher)
ET-546: Christian Ethics and Public Life (James)
HI-520: World Christianity (Clark)
HI-625: Islamic History II (Yuskaev)
RS-538: Religion and Social Movements (Dollhopf)
RS-661: Women, Religion, & Future of Faith Communities (Lummis)
SC-553: She Did That: Women’s Agency in New Testament Texts (Smith)
SC-527: Prophets (Grant)
TH-605: Theology and Contextuality (Awad)

All-Day Courses

Course Dates Time
DM-711: D.Min. Colleague Seminar II (Piazza) (205, 77 Sherman) 1/27 2/17; 3/16; 4/20; 5/4 9:00-4:00
DM-721: D.Min. Colleague Seminar IV (Norton) (206, 77 Sherman) 1/27 2/17; 3/16; 4/20; 5/4 9:00-4:00
AM-604: Theologies of Chaplaincy (Schaper) 1/28 2/18; 3/17; 4/21; 5/5 9:00-4:00
AM-664: Resilience for Spiritual Leaders (Mehr Muska) 1/29; 2/19; 3/18; 4/22; 5/6 9:00-4:00
WS-552: Women’s Leadership Institute I Prerequisite: WS-551: Women’s Leadership I (Winter) (Conf., 60 Lorraine) 1/17-18; 2/21-22; 3/20-21; 4/17-18; 5/15-16 F:6:00-9:00 S:9:00-4:00


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