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What Isn’t in the Catalogue

The best source for information on the Seminary’s academic programs is the Catalogue.  Students can also obtain a hard copy of the Catalogue through the Academic Services Office on the third floor. Call 860-509-9512 for more information.  Below is some additional information on the academic program that isn’t included in the Catalogue.

Academic Advising

Matriculated Students

At the time of acceptance and admission, the Dean assigns a faculty advisor to each student. Students are urged to make an appointment with her/his faculty advisor during the first semester of enrollment in a graduate program to discuss his/her educational objectives.  It is very important that students also discuss course choices with their faculty advisor prior to registering for courses.  Students are expected to initiate contact with their faculty advisor by making an appointment with the faculty advisor or seeing the faculty member during his/her posted office hours.

Special Students

The Admissions Manager or the Registrar are available to consult with special students about course enrollment and registration decisions and to answer questions about program application and matriculation. Special students may not exceed a maximum of 18 credits before matriculating into a program.  Those planning to enroll in a graduate certificate may only take 12 credits before enrolling.

Changing Your Faculty Advisor

Students may change faculty advisors with the permission of both the old and new advisor, and the Academic Dean.  Students must complete A Change of Advisor Form.

Required Writing Assistance

The personal statement required as a component of the application for all students seeking to matriculate into a degree program is carefully reviewed by the Admissions Committee.  When necessary, the Admissions Committee may recommend that a newly admitted student avail her/himself of the services of the Seminary’s Writing Consultant.  Such services may consist of workshops or individualized work and are provided at no additional cost to Hartford Seminary graduate program students.  Should a student be placed on academic probation, s/he will be required to meet with the Hartford Seminary Writing Consultant for a minimum of ten hours each semester until her/his cumulative average returns to a non-probation level.  The purpose of the meetings will be to focus on written work in current or incomplete courses. Further information is available from the Executive Assistant to the Dean, Lorraine Browne at 860-509-9553.

Writing Consultant

Hartford Seminary offers all students the services of a Writing Consultant, at no charge to the student.Please visit the Student Writing Resources page of the website for more information about making an appointment with the writing consultant and to access additional information about academic writing requirements at Hartford Seminary.

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