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What You Really Need to Know

Buying Books for Your Courses

The Seminary does not maintain a physical or online bookstore. Most students buy books online through Amazon. Once you have received your student email account, you can join Amazon Student, which grants certain benefits to its members. For more information, see the terms and conditions on their website. There are other online vendors and area stores which may also carry certain textbooks.

Required and recommended textbooks can be found in the syllabus for each class. Course syllabi are posted to the online course schedules.

Career Services/Placement

The Seminary does not provide formal placement, nor does it have a designated career services office.  You may discuss your general career and/or vocational goals with your faculty advisor.  Churches and other potential employers often provide postings for jobs and other opportunities; these are posted on the 2nd floor bulletin board at 77 Sherman Street. Employment postings are also listed in the Seminary e-newsletter, The Exchange.


Hartford Seminary is committed to supporting and providing worship opportunities that reflect the diversity of the seminary community. Student-led initiatives in worship are encouraged and should be placed on the seminary calendar so others may participate if they choose. The seminary provides community prayer and chapel services at various points throughout the semester. For more information and to view worship schedules, please see the Spiritual Life page online.


Convocation is held at the beginning of the fall semester.  It is a ceremonial “calling together” of the Hartford Seminary community and marks the start of the new academic year. The Convocation program includes a welcome and an interfaith ritual celebration, followed by a reception. All members of the Seminary community are encouraged to attend.


The copier available and designated for student use is located in the Library on the 1st floor of 77 Sherman Street. To use the copier:  Press the ‘ID’ button on the keypad, enter the code ‘1111’ and make your copies. Adjacent to the copier is a change machine.  It accepts $1, $5, and $10 bills.  It is recommended that students obtain a flash drive on which to store and print documents. Please note:  The copier on the 2nd floor of 77 Sherman Street in the hallway is not for student use.

Dining Options

There are no dining services on campus, however, students have several options in terms of getting food. The Co-Op, a small bookshop in Knight Hall on the UCONN School of Law campus, sells coffee, snack foods and some grab-and-go sandwiches. During September – May, you can also visit the main cafeteria, Truffles, located on the lower level of Hosmer Hall, on the northwest side of the UCONN School of Law campus. There are numerous restaurants located on Farmington Avenue, within walking distance of Hartford Seminary. Additionally, numerous restaurants in the Hartford area will deliver, often for free when a minimum order is placed. Menus to such restaurant are usually located in the corner of the Café, just outside the kitchen at 77 Sherman Street. Many students bring their own food. There are two refrigerators on campus for student use – one in the main building, and one in the Budd Building. You should label your bag so that people do not help themselves to your food. Please clean up after yourself when utilizing the kitchen and dining areas. Also, because other events and classes take place next to both of the campus kitchens, please be considerate of the amount of noise you make.

E-mail and Netiquette Guidelines

Matriculated students will be assigned a student email address. This address will be the only way through which various offices communicate, so please maintain this account, even if that means syncing it up with another email service used more frequently. To learn more about student email and syncing accounts, please visit the Student Email page of the website. Email communication should be professional and used as a supplement to interpersonal communication. Please be mindful that not everyone uses email in the same way, but that it is reasonable to expect a two – three day turn-around-time, unless otherwise stated. It is incumbent on a student to check with each professor regarding his/her email policies, especially when it comes to submitting assignments. Per the Hartford Seminary discrimination policies, please avoid incendiary and prohibitive language in email and Facebook posts.

Entering Hartford Seminary Academic Buildings

For the safety and security of Hartford Seminary, its students, staffs and guests, all of its academic buildings are alarmed and locked.  During normal business hours (M-F, 8:30am-5pm), when classes are in session and when the library is open until 10pm, 77 Sherman Street is staffed with a receptionist in the first floor lobby where guests are required to sign in and out and the main door to the building is unlocked.  80 Sherman Street, 76 Sherman Street and 60 Lorraine Street are not staffed with receptionists. These three buildings are locked 24 hours a day and the alarm systems are activated when faculty or staff are not present in the building. Therefore, it is necessary for students to identify who they are via a buzzer/intercom box at the front entrance and to be “buzzed” into these three buildings by the staff assistant in order to attend class or see a faculty member. The instructions for using the “buzzer” systems at 74-76, 80 Sherman and 60 Lorraine are as follows:

74-76 Sherman

At approximately shoulder level next to the front door is a small box with a white button.  Press and release the white button; you will be asked to identify yourself; please do so by speaking into the box.  (You do not need to press the white button again.)  Once you have identified yourself; the door lock will be disengaged; you will hear a loud buzzing sound and while the buzzing sound is engaged, turn the knob and push the door open. Please be sure the door closes and latches behind you.

Hartford Institute for Religious Research (80 Sherman)

At approximately shoulder level next to the front door is a small box.  Press the button and speak into the box to announce your arrival.  The assistant will ask you to identify yourself.   Once you have identified yourself; the assistant will disengage the door lock; you will hear a loud buzzing sound and while the buzzing sound is engaged, press down on the latch and push the door open. Please be sure the door closes and latches behind you.

Budd Interfaith Building (60 Lorraine)

First, go through the outside door. If the outside door is locked then no one is in the building. Once inside the door, you will see a small box with buttons at shoulder height to the right of the inside door. If the inside door is locked, press and release the button for the individual you have an appointment with. The names of the individuals with offices in the Budd Interfaith Building are listed beside each button. That individual will come and let you into the building. Please make sure that the inside door is closed firmly behind you as you come in and when you leave. If you are trying to gain entrance into the back door, there is a very small buzzer to the right of the door at shoulder height.

Exiting from Classes in the Evening

The front desk receptionist at 77 Sherman Street leaves at 10pm. After 10pm, and when the last class sessions end, students and faculty must exit the building through the door to the left of the main door of the first floor lobby.  At 60 Lorraine Street, if the bolt on the front door has already been engaged, you will need to exit the building using the back door.  All are encouraged to walk to cars in groups when leaving after dark.

Fire Alarms and Building Evacuation

When the fire alarm sounds, please evacuate the building immediately by using the main stairwell or one of the designated emergency exits. Do not use the elevator (applies to 77 Sherman only). In the event the main stairwell is blocked or there is smoke, please exit the building using the closest emergency exits located on each floor. The emergency exits are marked with red “exit” signs above the doors, and each floor has diagrams posted to locate the main and secondary emergency exits.


Hartford Seminary maintains several furnished apartments available for rent to students and visiting scholars. For more information, please refer to the Housing portion of the website. Students can find rental information on local houses and apartments on the first floor bulletin board in the stairwell of the White building, or through online rental listings such as Craig’s List, Rent.com, as well as various print resources. Apartments within walking distance are often categorized as “west end” on Hartford apartment and realtor sites. Please note: Hartford Seminary does not assume any responsibility regarding external student housing arrangements, nor does it act as an agent between students and apartment owners.

I.D. Cards

Students are required to have an I.D. card, as it is necessary for utilizing various library resources, including several databases. Please request an I.D. through the Assistant Registrar, Marcia Pavao, through email or in person. She can utilize a digital photo you provide, or take a picture if necessary. I.D.s are made off site and may take anywhere from a few days to a couple weeks to process.

Medical Emergencies/First Aid

In the event of a medical emergency, please call 911 immediately and then please call the receptionist at 77 Sherman Street at 509-9500 so that s/he may direct emergency personnel and notify appropriate personnel at the Seminary.  First Aid kits are located in the academic buildings as indicated below.

77 Sherman Street – with the receptionist in the lobby, 1st floor

80 Sherman Street – in bottom drawer of cabinet in the women’s bathroom

60 Lorraine Street – in the janitor’s closet in the hallway by the restrooms (the door is marked “First Aid”)


Parking is available in three parking lots.  The lot to the side of the main building (77 Sherman) is accessible from Sherman Street or Girard Avenue (follow Sherman around the curve and make a left at the stop sign onto Girard).  When entering from Girard, please do not use the first six spaces to the left of the driveway; these are for residents of Girard Avenue apartments. The lot to the left rear of the Hartford Institute for Religion Research is accessible from the driveway between 80 Sherman and the Attorney General’s office.  Please do not park in the spaces marked for residents or in the Attorney General’s lot. There is a small lot behind the Budd Interfaith Building at 60 Lorraine Street. Lorraine is a one way street that must be entered from Farmington Avenue. You may park in the lot or on Lorraine Street. If parking on the street, please be mindful of the parking restriction signs posted by the city. There is no fee to park at Hartford Seminar, nor is a parking sticker required.


There are security measures in place on campus to help keep our community safe. While there is no official law enforcement on campus, the Director of Facilities, Roseann Lezak serves as the liaison to local and state law enforcement agencies and is the key contact for campus crimes, fires, and related safety issues. Please refer to the Campus Safety portion of the website for more information.


Hartford Seminary is a smoke-free environment.  All academic buildings are designated as non-smoking.  Those choosing to smoke must do so outside.

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