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Gifts to The Hartford Seminary Fund make a difference in the lives of students and communities around the world.

America has long been sustained by the credo that what unites us is far greater than what divides us. Today, in this country—and, indeed, around the world—that notion is being tested like never before.

Political partisanship. Strained race relations. Gender wars. Jingoism and mistrust among peoples and nations. Religious persecution. Hatred, marginalization and injustice dominate the headlines.

But here, at this small institution, we offer a different perspective. We believe awareness leads to understanding and, ultimately, to mutual respect. We believe dialogue and the search for commonality promote good will, hope and peace. And we believe our mission has never been more relevant to a world seeking answers.

Within our classrooms, Christians, Muslims and Jews together discover that what unites them far outstrips any divisiveness. They reaffirm their own beliefs while gaining an appreciation for others, returning to their communities around our nation and the world eager to lead others in similar pursuits.

In turn, we ask you, our alumni and friends, to reaffirm your own commitment to our students. Every dollar you contribute to the new Hartford Seminary Fund (formerly called the Annual Fund) goes directly to scholarship aid. It is not a “general fund” but one solely dedicated to helping us enroll remarkable students who, for lack of resources, may not otherwise seek an education here.

Your Gifts’ Impact.

You can earmark your gift for a particular academic program or give to the General Scholarship Fund. Either way, your gift is an investment that pays immeasurable dividends. Our students cannot continue their vital work without your help. You can make a critical difference in the lives of individuals striving to make a critical difference in our world.

Please consider making a gift to the 2017-18 Hartford Seminary Fund. Gifts of all sizes matter and are deeply appreciated. 


… may be given to the Annual Fund to provide general support for Hartford Seminary.

… may be designated for financial aid to support students in leadership and graduate certificate programs as well as degree programs. *

… may be made ONLINE either through regularly scheduled monthly contributions or a single gift.

 may also be given in other forms including STOCK TRANSFER that may help in reducing capital gains tax.

 may be made by CHECK or CREDIT CARD and sent by mail using this annual fund Donation Form.

Your employer may MATCH your gift.   Many companies will match their employees’ contributions.  To find out, please check with your company’s Human Resources office.

PLEDGES to Hartford Seminary can be made by phone, or by mail.  Send us your name and contact information along with the amount of your pledge.  Pledge payments are due by June 30th.


To make your pledge, please contact us at:

Hartford Seminary Development Office
77 Sherman Street
Hartford, CT 06105
(860) 509-9520

*Scholarship Designations:

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