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Compatibility of Muslim Identity in Political Institutions

Join us for a talk with Ertugrul Gokcekuyu, who teaches at the Islamic University of Applied Sciences of Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

He will speak on the topic of “Compatibility of Muslim Identity in Political Institutions.”

It is enigmatic why some Muslim scholars favored insurgencies and riots while others Muslim scholars favored constructive, passive social protest in the face of challenges and difficulties. Since Muslim communities read and study these scholars, they find inspiration to legitimize both methods. Muslim presence in Western societies has been facing similar pressures: it is mocked and treated as a suspicious pariah, and it is the subject of the populist debate  as living in enclaves, isolated, incapable of societal and political relations. The popular debate today of “political Islam” versus “identity politics” seems to follow the same tracks. Is the Muslim identity potentially one that holds complex and overlapping identities towards tolerance and political democratic machinery or is the Muslim identity truly one-dimensional and incompatible?

About the Speaker

Ertugrul Gokcekuyu is the vice president of the executive board of the Islamic University of Rotterdam, where he also teaches, and is a member of a research team studying human rights in the Netherlands. In the past, he was a member of the Interfaith Dialogue Program in the Netherlands, a researcher for the Dutch parliament studying the effects of public affairs and communications in the political arena, a lobbyist, and a communications specialist. He has also had his own company providing educational skills to minorities in the Netherlands. He studied at the International School of The Hague and at the University of Leiden.

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