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Death and Resurrection: The Islamic Perspective

Please join us for the next in our series of Shi’i lectures on “Death and Resurrection: The Islamic Perspective.”

Imam Mohammed Tabarssi will speak on the nature of death according to Qur’an. The intermediate state, the final resurrection, and the nature of reward and punishment.

This lecture is supported by the Imam Ali Chair for the Study of Shi’i Islam and Dialogue Among Islamic Legal Schools.

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About the Speaker

Imam Mohammed Tabarssi holds his first degree in law and Islamic Jurisprudence from Kuwait University. He is an expert in Islamic Law with a specialty in Islamic Family Law. He earned his LLM from the University of Connecticut. He is the resident Imam of the Shi’a Athna-Ashri community of New England. His forte is Shi’a and Ahle-Sunnat Jurisprudence, and he is fluent in Arabic and Persian.

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