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Exploring the Trinity

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Our own Prof. Najib Awad has just published a book on the Trinity called  Persons in Relation: An Essay on the Trinity and Ontology. He will be joined by Prof. Paul Lim of Vanderbilt University, author of Mystery Unveiled: The Crisis of the Trinity in Early Modern England, winner of the Sixteenth Century Society’s Roland H. Bainton Prize for History or Theology. Learn about the Trinity from both theological and historical perspectives.

Prof. Paul C.H. Lim is an award-winning historian of Reformation- and post-Reformation Europe. He is an Associate Professor of the History of Christianity and an Associate Professor of Religious Studies at Vanderbilt.  He is now writing a book on the transformation of global evangelical attitudes toward and endeavors on eradication of human trafficking and structural poverty.

Prof. Najib Awad is Associate Professor of Christian Theology at Hartford Seminary and also serves as Director of najeeb_awad_0the International Ph.D. Program. He is a published poet and the author of several books, including “And Freedom Became a Public-Square: Political, Sociological and Religious Overviews on the Arab Christians and the Arabic Spring.”

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