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How Sacred Is This Space? A Teach-In


Please join us at Hartford Seminary to talk about what it means to be a safe place and a sacred community in today’s political climate.

This will be an opportunity to share experiences and information, both from local and national groups, and to distribute resources that will help activists.

Leading the discussion will President Heidi Hadsell, the Rev. Dr. Donna Schaper, Rabbi Herbert Brockman and immigration attorney Najia Khalid.

The Rev. Schaper will talk about the key differences between the sanctuary movement of the 1980s and the current one, called the New Sanctuary Movement.

Rabbi Brockman will discuss┬áthe idea of “sanctuary” from our religious texts and what this means from the Jewish perspective.

PLEASE NOTE: This event was originally scheduled for the Budd Conference Room at 60 Lorraine St. but has been moved to the Meeting Room at 77 Sherman St. to accommodate the size of the crowd.

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