Imamology in Twelver-Shi’ite Islamic Thought | Hartford Seminary

Imamology in Twelver-Shi’ite Islamic Thought

Who is the Imam and what is his role in the worldview of Twelver-Shiʿite Muslims?

Hadi Qazwini, Ph.D. candidate at the University of Southern California, will present an overview of the multifaceted doctrine of Imamology in Twelver-Shiʿite thought. Specifically, he will explore Imamology’s relationship to Divine Grace and Prophetology, and the ways in which this relationship produces several major doctrines that Twelver-Shiʿites would come to regard as “essentials of faith.”

This lecture is supported by the Imam Ali Chair for the Study of Shi’i Islam and Dialogue Among Islamic Legal Schools.

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