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Meet Deena Grant, Associate Professor of Jewish Studies

Please join us in welcoming Deena Grant, Associate Professor of Jewish Studies, to the Hartford Seminary faculty. Dr. Grant will give a public lecture on “Genesis, Creation and the Rhetoric of Biblical Monotheism,” followed by a reception.

Dr. Grant described the lecture this way: The biblical book of Genesis describes God manipulating chaos to create the world as we know it. In this talk, we will examine Genesis’ creation account in light of the book’s ancient historical context. By comparing the biblical account of creation to other ancient near eastern texts, we will illuminate aspects of the biblical message that might otherwise elude us.  Specifically, we will glimpse how Genesis’ creation account is intended as a commentary on God’s singular and unopposable power.     

Professor Grant received her Ph.D. in Hebrew and Judaic Studies from New York University, specializing in Hebrew Bible. Her book Divine Anger in the Hebrew Bible (Catholic Biblical Association, 2014) explores varying expressions of God’s anger across major biblical collections.  An observant Jewish scholar, Dr. Grant values studying and teaching the Hebrew Bible from a historical-critical perspective and also as it is interpreted and lived out by faith communities. Dr. Grant is currently working on the concept of hate in the Hebrew Bible.

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