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Monotheism from the Perspective of the Abrahamic Faiths


We live in a diverse world filled with many religions and ethnicities that is becoming ever so globalized. Added to this, or maybe because of this, is the fact that many of the world religions are coming into contact more frequently. Some people ask “What are the similarities and differences between these faiths?” Hartford Seminary seeks to foster an environment that creates a love for interreligious dialogue and understanding. But where do we start? One beginning point is to understand the similarities and differences between the world religions, in this case specifically the Abrahamic faiths, and see how they are interrelated and intertwined. The purpose of this talk is to do just that with specific relation to the Oneness of God as understood in the Abrahamic tradition.

Syed Safi Haider is in the Master of Arts and Graduate Certificate in Islamic Chaplaincy Program at Hartford Seminary. He completed his Bachelor of Arts in political science, with a minor in philosophy, at the William Paterson University of New Jersey. At William Paterson, he was President of the Muslim Students Association. Haider has shown a deep interest in religious education and delivering religious lectures.

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