Hartford Seminary

Sacred Chant, Poetry, and Percussion with Brenda McMorrow, John deKadt and special guest David Darling

Join us for a beautiful evening of ecstatic song and poetry. Be carried by Brenda’s exquisite voice and folk-inspired guitar playing, the mesmerizing poetry and percussion of John deKadt and the sublime cello and spirit of David Darling as we join in community for a heart opening evening together!

Devotional Chant Artist Brenda McMorrow travels worldwide sharing her deep devotion to the celebration of our true beings through the joyous practice of Kirtan. She has accompanied Grammy Award winning cellist David Darling and Kirtan musicians Jai Uttal, Wah! Girish and Dave Stringer and has been invited to Bhakti Yoga Festivals and events across North America and Europe. www.brendamcmorrow.com. Listen to a sample of Brenda’s music here

John deKadt

John de Kadt is a percussionist, poet, and storyteller. He has studied and played ethnic hand percussive instruments for 30 years. He’s studied with percussion masters around the world, taught drumming on PBS and NBC. He’s performed with Steve Gorn, Subash Chandran, Ganesh Kumar, Jai Uttal, Robert Bly, Baba Olatunji, and many others. John is also a licensed acupuncturist, herbalist and Ayurvedic Consultant who has been in the holistic field for over 20 years. www.johndekadt.com. Listen to a sample of John’s music here

David Darling

?Maverick cellist? is the phrase most often assigned to Grammy winning artist, David Darling, but it hardly captures the richness, diversity, breadth and sense of humor of a man who literally redefines the way the cello is played and the way music is taught. His prolific collection of recordings and innovative performance style represent an eclectic variety of musical genres. His playful and unconventional teaching methods have helped open the world of music and improvisation to thousands of individuals. www.DavidDarling.com. Listen to a sample of David’s music here

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