Webinar: What Faith Leaders Need to Know about Domestic Violence

Faith leaders can play a vital role in the safety, well-being, and nurturance of adult and child victims. But research shows that many victims are hesitant to speak to pastors or religious leaders about abuse, and a certain percentage report that disclosure to a faith leader did not result in assistance but in prolonged trauma and even danger.

David Mandel, who has been named to a task force reporting to N.Y. Gov. Andrew Cuomo on domestic violence, and Ruth Stearns Mandel of the Safe and Together Institute in Canton, CT, speak on how faith leaders can best be allies to those living with domestic violence, coercive control, and child abuse. This is done by partnering with victims and survivors and holding those who choose to abuse accountable for their behaviors and how those behaviors harm their families.

Together we will walk through principles and strategies, best practices, how to identify danger, engage victims in a positive and non-victim-blaming way, which paves the way for partnership, accountability, increased safety, healing, and nurturance.

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