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Wounded by Religion; Healed by the Sacred

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Join us for a special program with Hartford Seminary alum Dr. Terrlyn L. Curry Avery.

Have you or someone you love been wounded by religion, church folks, religious authority or a faith community?

Are you a pastor, clergy or minister who has been wounded by the Church?

Do you want to know how your faith community might be wounding the soul rather than nurturing the spirit?

Religion can be an instrument of healing and wounding. Far too many people have been hurt by religion or religious doctrine that has left them confused, demoralized and feeling unloved. They live in places of shame and guilt. Many have broken relationships with their families and feel disconnected from a Sacred source or don’t see the benefits of having a relationship with the Sacred. Healing these individual and societal wounds requires an understanding of the complexities of religious convictions and its relationships to one’s psychological and emotional development. This community conversation begins the healing process.

If you have ever felt unworthy, not good enough, hopeless, powerless, empty, like a fraud, judged, spiritually bankrupt or simply fed up with religion and church folks but yearning for spiritual connection, this conversation is for you.

If you have been wounded, have a loved one who has been wounded or are a member of clergy, this is an opportunity for you to engage in dialogue, gain awareness, reconnect to the Sacred and discover a roadmap to healing.

At this presentation, panel discussion and Q & A, you will:

  • Recognize what religious wounds are;
  • Understand how they impact you, loved ones, and even your faith community;
  • Hear how to heal relationships with loved ones; and
  • Hear how to reconnect or deepen your connection with the Sacred.

Register buttonAbout the Speaker

Dr. Terrlyn L. Curry Avery is the creator of pastology, the dynamic spiritually based approach to healing that focuses on the synergy between pastoring and psychology.  In her work both as an ordained minister and as a licensed psychologist, Dr. Curry Avery has observed how religion has served as both a healing balm and as an instrument of wounding for many individuals.  These wounds range from rejecting all connections with the Sacred to self-hatred to remaining in abusive relationships to refusing medical intervention to a belief that “MY” religion is the only religion of moral authority.

Dr. Curry Avery’s intersection of two complementary fields is forward thinking and a much-needed service through which to offer healing to those who have been wounded by life’s struggles, particularly those wounded by religion.  Dr. Curry Avery emphasizes the journey toward sacred intelligence: the ability to tap into one’s internal source in order to move toward intelligent choices. Her mission is to help heal religious wounds through teaching individuals to recognize the impact of these wounds on a personal level (e.g., depression, poor self-worth, unhealthy life styles, and toxic relationships) as well as on the broader society (e.g., violence, hate, discrimination, and hostility).  Facilitating the healing process requires an understanding of the complexities of religious convictions and its relationships to one’s psychological and emotional development.  Pastology is crucial to promoting individual and, ultimately, societal healing.

Dr. Curry Avery holds a doctorate in clinical psychology from Hofstra University and a Masters of Divinity from Yale University.  She is a pastologist, speaker, retreat leader and workshop facilitator.  The author of Sacred Intelligence:  The Essence of Sacred, Selfish and Shared Relationships, Dr. Curry Avery is also the host of the Public Access Show:  Sacred Intelligence TV with Your Host Dr. Terrlyn L. Curry Avery.


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