Steven Blackburn | Hartford Seminary

Steven Blackburn

Faculty Associate in Semitic Scriptures
Curator of the Library's Arabic Collection


  • Ph.D. in Religion and B.D. (Honours) in Old Testament Language and Literature (University of Saint Andrews);
  • M.S. in Arabic and B.S.F.S. in International Affairs (Georgetown University)

Areas of Study

  • Arabic (Classical and Standard)
  • Semitic Scriptures
  • Information Literacy


Dr. Steven Blackburn’s interest in Islam stems from his maternal grandparents, who were born and raised in Algiers. He studied at the Bourguiba Institute in Tunis, Tunisia, as well as the American University in Cairo, and holds a Ph.D. in Religion from the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. His Middle Eastern experiences include work with Saudi Bedouins in the field of literacy. Closer to home, as an ordained Congregational-Christian minister, he has served as a parish pastor and denominational executive as well as pro-tem chair of Middle Eastern Studies at Trinity College, Hartford, where he lectured in Islam, International Studies, and Arabic.

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