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Please visit the faculty pages of Macdonald Center faculty for their online articles, lectures, and reviews. Shown below are additional online writings. You may also want to visit our Index of Answers to Basic Questions about Islam for a compilation of faculty responses from the fall 2001 mini-course on Islam sponsored by 

Additional Articles

A History of Hartford Seminary’s Muslim Mission

By Alexis Rankin Popik for the Hog River Journal, Summer 2005

A Century of Arabic and Islamic Studies at Hartford Seminary

By Willem A. Bijlefeld for The Muslim World, April 1993

Contemporary Muslim Understanding of the Miracles of Jesus

By Kate Zebiri

Can Islamic Spiritual Scale Be Useful

By Nazila Isgandarova

Aspects of Christian-Muslim Relations in Contemporary Lebanon

by George J. Hajjar

The Precarious Agenda: Christian-Muslim Relations in Contemporary Nigeria

by Akintunde E. Akinade

Moro-Christian Coexistence and Conflict in the Philippines

by Renato Oliveros

Christian-Muslim Relations in Pakistan

by Mahan Mirza, Yale University

The Changing Nature of Islamic Studies and American Religious History

by Patrice Brodeur

Domestic Terrorism in the Islamic Legal Tradition

by Sherman Jackson

Hollywood’s Muslim Arabs

by Jack Shaheen

United We Stand: American Attitudes Toward (Muslim) Immigration Post-September 11th

by Kathleen M. Moore

Muslims in Spain: Between The Historical Heritage and The Minority Construction

by Jordi Moreras

The Renewed Woman of American Islam: Shifting Lenses Toward ‘Gender Jihad?’

by Hibba Abugideiri

Saving and Taking Life in War: Three Modern Muslim Views

by Sohail H. Hashmi

Gender and Support for Islamist Movements: Evidence from Egypt, Kuwait, and Palestine

by Mark Tessler and Jolene Jesse

The Pilgrimage to Tembayat: Tradition and Revival in Indonesian Islam

by Nelly van Doorn-Harder and Kees de Jong

Confirmation of Shi’ism in America: An Analysis of Sermons in the Dearborn Mosques

by Linda Walbridge

Islamic Thinking and the Internationalization of Human Rights

by Mahmood Monshipouri

Roads to Mecca: Conversion Narratives of European and Euro-American Muslims

by Marcia Hermansen

Islam and the West: Confrontation or Cooperation?

by Khurshid Ahmad

“When Christian Became Dervishes:” Affirming Albanian Muslim-Christian Unity Through Discourse

by Frances Trix

In the Presence of the Martyrs: The ‘Alam in Popular Shī’ī Piety

by Diane D’Souza

Vertical Pilgrimage and Interior Landscape in the Visionary Diary of Rūzbihān Baqlī (D. 1209)

by Carl W. Ernst

Beliefnet Articles and Discussion

Articles: written and posted 11/2/2001

Understanding Islam: Introduction by Ian Markham

Islam and Modernization by Ibrahim Abu-Rabi

Islam in the Modern World by Ibrahim Abu-Rabi

Islam and the Role of Women by Jane I. Smith

Understanding Islam: Resources by Steven Blackburn Discussions: Discussion begun 11/2/2001

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